A Never Ending Story

CD 1
Titelnr  Interpret  TitelZeit
1  Limahl  Never Ending Story (Re-Recording)3:34
2  Limahl  Too Shy (Re-Recording)3:35
3  Limahl  Ooh To Be Ah (Re-Recording)3:55
4  Limahl  Big Apple (Re-Recording)4:08
5  Limahl  Only For Love (Re-Recording)3:50
6  Limahl  The Lions Mouth (Re-Recording)3:36
7  Limahl  Turn Your Back On Me (Re-Recording)4:02
8  Limahl  Too Much Trouble (Re-Recording)3:34
9  Limahl  Shouldn't Do That (Re-Recording)3:29
10  Limahl  Hang On Now (Re-Recording)3:18
11  Limahl  So Far So Good (Re-Recording)3:59
12  Limahl  Someone Else (Re-Recording)4:25
13  Limahl  Love Is Blind (Re-Recording)3:53
14  Limahl  Maybe This Time (Re-Recording)4:24
15  Limahl  Rhythm Of Love (Re-Recording)4:32
16  Limahl  Lost In Love (Re-Recording)4:34