so80s Vol. 03
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CD 1
Titelnr  Interpret  TitelZeit
1  INXS  Need You Tonight (Mendelsohn Extended Mix)4:21
2  Visage  Fade To Grey (Original 12'' Long Version)5:58
3  Duran Duran  I Don't Want Your Love (Big Mix)3:51
4  New Order  Bizarre Love Triangle (Original 12'' Version)3:33
5  Yello  Lost Again (Extended Version)5:52
6  Hubert Kah  Military Drums (Extended Version)4:41
7  OMD  So In Love (Extended Version)3:49
8  The Cure  Let's Go To Bed (Extended Version)7:54
9  Jeanne Mas  Toute Premiere Fois (Version Longue)3:27
10  Narada Michael Walden  High Above The Clouds (12'' Version)5:12
11  A-Ha  The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (Extended Versi6:40
12  Real Life  Send Me An Angel (Extended Version)5:37
13  John Taylor  I Do What I Do... (Theme For 9œ Weeks) (The 3:33
14  Billy Idol  Eyes Without A Face (Full Length Version)4:44
15  The Human League  Being Boiled (Fast Version)3:47
16  Savage Progress  My Soul Unwraps Tonight (Extended Version)3:52
17  Erasure  Ship Of Fools (Shiver Me Timbers Mix)4:56
18  Simple Minds  Don't You (Forget About Me) (Extended Version6:22

CD 2
Titelnr  Interpret  TitelZeit
1  Visage  Fade To Grey (Original 12'' Long Version)6:42
2  Real Life  Send Me An Angel (Extended Version)5:43
3  Yello  Lost Again (Extended Version)7:15
4  Jeanne Mas  Toute Premiere Fois (Version Longue)7:01
5  Ultravox  Vienna (Full Lenght Version)4:58
6  The Human League  Being Boiled (Fast Version)3:52
7  Hubert Kah  Military Drums (Extended Version)6:26
8  A-Ha  The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (Extended Versi7:05
9  New Order  Bizarre Love Triangle (Original 12'' Version)6:43
10  Heaven 17  Trouble (US Club Mix)6:44
11  Billy Idol  Eyes Without A Face (Full Length Version)4:59
12  Bryan Ferry  Slave To Love (Special 12'' Mix)5:48
13  Spandau Ballet  True (New Mix)6:41
14  Howard Jones  Hide And Seek (Long Version)8:21

CD 3
Titelnr  Interpret  TitelZeit
1  The Cure  Let's Go To Bed (Extended Version)7:43
2  Killing Joke  Love Like Blood (Version)6:49
3  INXS  Need You Tonight (Mendelsohn Extended Mix)7:14
4  David Bowie  China Girl (Long Version)5:32
5  Simple Minds  Don't You (Forget About Me) (Extended Version6:33
6  Narada Michael Walden  High Above The Clouds (12'' Version)8:14
7  OMD  So In Love (Extended Version)5:35
8  Duran Duran  I Don't Want Your Love (Big Mix)7:33
9  Savage Progress  My Soul Unwraps Tonight (Extended Version)5:43
10  John Taylor  I Do What I Do... (Theme For 9œ Weeks) (The 8:04
11  Erasure  Ship Of Fools (Shiver Me Timbers Mix)7:52
12  Culture Club  Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Full Length Ve4:22
13  Dream Academy  Life In A Northern Town (Extended Version)5:14