so80s Vol. 06
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CD 1
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1  ABC  When Smokey Sings (Detroit Mix)5:24
2  Kim Wilde  You Came (Shep Pettibone Remix)2:51
3  Camouflage  The Great Commandment (Extended Dance Mix)2:51
4  Blancmange  Blind Vision (Long Version)3:46
5  Sharpe & Numan  Change Your Mind (Razormaid Version)3:42
6  New Order  Shellshock (Extended Version)3:24
7  Alphaville  Jerusalem (The Palace Version)4:03
8  Cretu & Thiers  When Love Is The Missing Word (Extended Versi2:40
9  Mandy Smith  I Just Can't Wait (Extended Version)3:31
10  Cyndi Lauper  Change Of Heart (12'' Extended Club Remix)3:21
11  Icehouse  No Promises (Dance Mix)3:34
12  Falco  Junge Römer (Specially Remixed Version)3:54
13  Climie Fisher  Love Changes (Everything) (Love Mix)7:45
14  Frankie goes to Hollywood  Rage Hard (Broad Mix)6:09
15  Johnny Hates Jazz  Turn Back The Clock (12'' Extended Mix)3:04
16  Sheila E.  Koo Koo (Remix)2:33
17  Lisa Stansfield  All Around The World (Long Version)4:52
18  Device  Hanging On A Heart Attack (Dance Mix)3:03
19  Wet Wet Wet  Sweet Surrender (Extended Version)5:12
20  Deon Estus With George Michael  Heaven Help Me (Full Length Version)4:28

CD 2
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1  Matt Bianco  More Than I Can Bear (Remix)4:43
2  Curiosity Killed The Cat  Down To Earth (Extended Mix)6:01
3  Frankie Goes To Hollywood  Rage Hard (Broad Mix)8:39
4  Falco  Junge Römer (Specially Remixed Version)7:35
5  ABC  When Smokey Sings (Detroit Mix)6:46
6  Alphaville  Jerusalem (The Palace Version)6:12
7  Kim Wilde  You Came (Shep Pettibone Remix)7:35
8  Mandy Smith  I Just Can't Wait (Extended Version)7:18
9  Sheila E.  Koo Koo (Remix)5:12
10  Cretu & Thiers  When Love Is The Missing Word (Extended Versi5:30
11  Deon Estus With George Michael  Heaven Help Me (Full Length Version)4:41
12  Wet Wet Wet  Sweet Surrender (Extended Version)6:49
13  Johnny Hates Jazz  Turn Back The Clock (12' Extended Mix)7:03
14  Purple Schulz & Die Neue Heimat  Sehnsucht (Original Maxi Version)5:12

CD 3
Titelnr  Interpret  TitelZeit
1  Visage  The Damned Don't Cry (Dance Mix)5:42
2  Camouflage  The Great Commandment (Extended Dance Mix)6:00
3  I Start Counting  Still Smiling (Extended Version)7:51
4  New Order  Shellshock (Extended Version)9:45
5  Blancmange  Blind Vision (Long Version)9:39
6  Sharpe & Numan  Change Your Mind (Razormaid Version)7:48
7  Cyndi Lauper  Change Of Heart (12'' Extended Club Remix)7:55
8  Device  Hanging On A Heart Attack (Dance Mix)7:30
9  Climie Fisher  Love Changes (Everything) (Love Mix)7:42
10  Icehouse  No Promises (Dance Mix)8:50
11  Kim Carnes  Voyeur (Full Length Version)3:57
12  Lisa Stansfield  All Around The World (Long Version)7:04