Definitive Collection
Chris Norman

CD 1
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1  Chris Norman  If You Think You Know How To Love Me3:38
2  Chris Norman  Don't Play Your Rock'n Roll To Me3:22
3  Chris Norman  Something's Been Making Me Blue3:02
4  Chris Norman  Wild Angels4:01
5  Chris Norman  I'll Meet You At Midnight3:19
6  Chris Norman  Living Next Door To Alice3:27
7  Chris Norman  Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone4:11
8  Chris Norman  It's Your Life3:36
9  Chris Norman  Needles And Pins2:37
10  Chris Norman  For A Few Dollars More3:29
11  Chris Norman  Oh Carol3:41
12  Chris Norman  Mexican Girl4:03
13  Chris Norman  Babe It's Up To You3:37
14  Chris Norman  San Francisco Bay3:17
15  Chris Norman  Take Good Care Of My Baby3:22

CD 2
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1  Chris Norman  Stumblin' In3:59
2  Chris Norman  Don't Knock The Rock2:08
3  Chris Norman  Midnight Lady4:10
4  Chris Norman  Some Hearts Are Diamonds3:44
5  Chris Norman  No Arms Can Ever Hold You3:46
6  Chris Norman  If We Had Wings3:48
7  Chris Norman  Nobody's Fool5:32
8  Chris Norman  The Growing Years3:33
9  Chris Norman  Goodbye Lady Blue3:42
10  Chris Norman  Gypsy Queen3:28
11  Chris Norman  Fly Away4:48
12  Chris Norman  Waiting4:32
13  Chris Norman  Amazing3:53
14  Chris Norman  You Are The Light3:42
15  Chris Norman  Million Miles To Nowhere4:08
16  Chris Norman  Sun Is Rising4:17
17  Chris Norman  Straight To My Heart3:35
18  Chris Norman  Losing You3:50
19  Chris Norman  Whisky & Water4:16